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Since 2004, the Aniferhof is run by Markus Friesacher and his team with lots of love and passion for detail. But the story of the manor reaches back to the early 50s.

Our Story

After the completion of the building in 1954, the then bed-and-breakfast inn had been run by Marianne Friesacher. From 1959, it had been an annex of the renowned “Hotel Friesacher”.


In 1982, the Aniferhof was completely renovated and expanded.


In 2004, Marianne Friesacher handed the business over to her son Markus Friesacher who has been taking care of it ever since. These days, the Aniferhof is constantly expanded and renovated.


A lot has changed since the beginnings of the Aniferhof, such as the demands of the guests as well as the offers of the upscale hotel industry.


One thing will never change: The family name “Friesacher“ will always guarantee the highest hospitality.

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