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The Aniferhof

Some consider it a business hotel, others a spa oasis and for many, it is a romantic countryside hotel. There are many different specialties that create the unique charm of the house.


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Our Rooms

The felicitous mix of traditional style and modern accessories turns the rooms into very comfortable places. The cherry on top is the peaceful calmness and the glorious panoramic view over the mountains around Salzburg. 

It is these qualities that make the Aniferhof an oasis of quiet and relief.





Friesachers Aniferhof

Aniferhof Hotelbetriebs GmbH

Herbert von Karajan Str. 7

A - 5081 Anif

Phone:  +43 -  (0)6246 - 72362-0

Fax:       +43 -  (0)6246 – 72362-9